Looking for a great summer job?

VHP is pleased to have Titan Pools hire and manage our super-qualified, friendly, and fun life guard staff.  Titan Pools is currently hiring Life Guards for our pool.  


Titan Pool Service, Inc. is currently
hiring for all positions to staff the
Virginia Hills Community pool.  
Applicants will need to be or become
lifeguard certified; training is avail-
able.  Minimum age required is 15.
Assistant Managers and Managers
must also possess a Pool Operator’s
license, training is available.  A
minimum of 3 years experience is
mandatory for any asst. or manager
position.  If you are hardworking
and enjoy working with people,
apply now:  www.titanpools.com.
We look forward to meeting you!

Please be sure to introduce yourself to the guards at the pool.  The attention they pay to your children will make them feel like second family by the end of the season.


2017 Guard Staff

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